tigerwiccan (tigerwiccan) wrote,

Been a few days...

I know I haven't posted every day, but the days I haven't I either forgot or didn't have the time to post anything of value, and I don't want to have 1,000 "I'm still here!" posts in my journal, lol.  So here it is, Monday, and I am sitting here at work, probably with better things to do than post to lj, but oh well.

I had a pretty eventful weekend.  On Saturday, the coven I am a member of hosted a public Ostara sabbat, and it went pretty well.  We did a good job with the ritual according to everyone, and the food everyone brought was great.  I made a baked ziti to share (well my wife helped too) and it was received quite well.

Then yesterday, we went to my wife's parents house for an "Easter" get together dinner.  I ended up leading the family in prayer before dinner, which was pretty interesting, because I had to come up with something that was meaningful to me but also not stepping on anyone else's religious toes.  I managed it, though, with a pretty generic "thanks for everything to whoever happens to be out there" kind of prayer, and it seemed to work just fine. :)

I think I'm going to write a part 2 of my "religious musings" within the next few days with the focus bieng on what my ideas mean in a more practical everyday sense and how they fit with the path I have chosen.  And who knows where else it will lead. :)

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